PollyDog Landscapes – Naturally

PollyDog Landscapes is a landscape design, consultation, and lawn and garden care company specializing in the planning and organic care of native and drought tolerant landscapes for the Austin Hill Country.

The Hill Country has long been known for its abundant springs, rivers, and lakes. The current drought and sudden population growth are threatening those beautiful waterways that we hold dear. In an effort to help to protect our rivers, lakes, and aquifers PollyDog uses only all natural, non-toxic fertilizers and pest and disease control methods.

Our landscape design plans focus on reducing water usage without sacrificing the color and beauty most valued in a home landscape. A drought tolerant landscape does not have to be cactus and gravel. There are many beautiful, xeric plants available that provide color, movement, and a wide assortment of textures to the landscape.

PollyDog currently provides services to the Hill Country communities along the south shore of Lake Travis; including Spicewood, Briarcliff, Lakeway, Bee Caves, and Westlake.

Rain, and pests, and stress, oh my!

Rain is a wonderful thing, but we have been getting a awful lot of it lately. With excessive rain comes rapid plant growth, which attracts pests, which stresses the plant and in turn makes it more susceptible to disease. Then, when the rain stops, all of that lush growth suddenly has no water and it gets very droopy. Wean your plants back to low water conditions by hand watering them when they ‘flag’, i.e. get droopy. Also, fertilize with a slow release, low nitrogen fertilizer to strengthen the plants without encouraging more rapid growth. There are many products that will accomplish this: molasses sprays, seaweed sprays, organic granular fertilizers with an 8-2-4 ratio, even compost works well. Just baby them a bit so they do not go into shock with the summer heat. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns you may email me at teresa@pollydog.com. Have a beautiful day!